We help you grow a happy customer business! 

We are the first Copenhagen based 100% HubSpot & inbound marketing focused digital agency.

We believe that success comes in all sizes. Are you a small, medium or large company - we help you maximize your business growth through unique sales and inbound marketing tools.

Inbound Marketing

We believe that good old marketing is broken. The ever-changing digital world requires new strategies from the businesses in order to be able to follow their costumers. That is why we want to inspire you to "GO INBOUND" - guiding your customers through their buyer's journey. Finding the best way to attract strangers, turn them into customers and promoters of your business. 

Yes - we believe that inbound is the key. But the story of your business is unique. Diversity is about what your company is and how you and your customers think. We help you enhance what makes you unique and help you fuel your business growth. 

We work with you as your agency or as an "in-house" cooperation where we can sit at your office a few hours or days a week and work together with your team - on spot. Feeling your company's vibe. 


We thrive in seeing companies reach their full potential. We help our customers growing with inbound marketing and sales strategies, while move things forward by collaborating and digital education.
Julie Krogh, ntgral ApS

Julie Krogh Partner & Co-founder, ntgral ApS

We are an official HubSpot partner

We use HubSpot extensively to build CRM, marketing and sales efforts together with our clients. We make sure that those are in-line with their business goals and specific KPIs. 

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing and sales platform, designed to assist you with marketing automation and sales automation processes, from social media and content management to analytics and reporting, search engine optimization and email marketing.

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